Assignments MN History Fall 18

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Week 2 Assignment: Introduction to Historical GIS

Week 3 Assignment: Map Analysis

Week 4 Assignment Pictures Assignment

Week 5 Assignment Dred and Harriet Scott Assignment

Week 6 AssighmentBernt Muus Background Check

Week 7 Assignment U.S. Dakota War Prewriting
U.S. Dakota War Timeline

Week 8 Assignment: Civil War Letter

Week 9 Assignment: Duluth Lynching Assignment
Citation Assignment

Week 10 AssignmentData in History Assignment-Two Week assignment

Week 11 Assignment: Data in History 2 (see above). In class response assignment:

Week 12 Assignment: Great Depression

Week 13 Assignment: Social Media and MN History Assignment

Week 14 Assignment: Bryant Avenue Project Preliminary Research

Week 15 Assignment: Bryant Avenue Project: Outline