Bernt Muus Background Check Evaluation

Background Check on Bernt J. Muus

Purpose: To engage in time-limited and open historical research, fostering independent research and testing sources credibility.

Instructions: For this assignment, you are an investigative journalist profiling Bernt J. Muss in 1890. Your editors have asked you to find facts related his personal life.

List whatever facts you can find about him below. You may use digital sources and our library. Each fact should have a corresponding contributor next to the fact.

You should produce a minimum of ten facts about Muus not found in our reading for this week. Write your answers in a Markdown document, which you then submit to D2L.

Format: Fact ----------------------------- Contributor

Grading Criteria:

  1. Student found a minimum of 10 facts from outside the assigned reading for the week.
  2. Student documented their sources with appropriate citations (URLS) in markdown format.
  3. Student offered a two-sentence evaluation of Muus' personal character based on 1890s cultural values.
  4. At least two facts must be from primary sources.