Civil War Letter Assignment

Civil War Response Assignment-1133

  1. Based on your life experiences and our reading of letters from the Civil War, what are eight elements that letters include? Write them below.

  2. Compare your list with your group mates. Include any elements they have that you do not.

Weekly Assignment: Due Friday at 8 p.m.

Write a letter to a relative during the Civil War. Either you or the relative must be in Minnesota.

Requirements of the letter:

  1. Eight sentences to ten sentences
  2. Includes eight elements from the above list.
  3. Refers only to historical elements that are contemporary with the civil war.
  4. Includes two sources, at least one primary, from which you derived your information.
  5. Uses only your own words, with no quotations or paraphrases.

Submit to the Week 8 Assignment Submission folder.