Duluth Lynching Assignment-1133

Duluth Lynching Assignment

Learning Goals

  1. Student will place the Duluth Lynchings within in a wider U.S. historical context
  2. Student will demonstrate note taking skills.
  3. Student will sythesize multiple sources into a radio report.
  4. Student will adhere to formating requirements for a radio report.


To understand the Duluth lynching, we need to place it in the larger context of US history. For this assignment, you are going to research one of two topics:

  1. Lynchings in the U.S. from 1900-1920
  2. Red Summer of 1919

Your assignment is in two parts.

Part I

  • First- Find, read and write electronic notes on two secondary sources related to either the Red Summer or Lynchings in the U.S.
  • Second- Find, view, and note one primary source on your topic.

Type up your notes with citations in a plain text document with the Markdown format.

Part II

Write a 250 word radio report about your subject. You can count on an interested but not expert audience, and you can use no more than two numbers. You need to hook your audience at the beginning and then draw a connection between your event and something your audience member could relate to in her/his life. Assume a general Minnesota audience.

Upload Part I and Part II as a single document into the Week 9 Assignment Folder.