Dred and Harriet Scott Assignment

Purpose: To situate the Dred and Harriet Scott case in broader Minnesota and US historical context.

1. Learning Goals:

  1. Student will navigate to multiple historical websites.

  2. Student will take effective notes on multiple sources.

  3. Student will identify one theme across three historical sources related to Dred or Harriet Scott.

  4. Student will analyze the historical importance of that theme for understanding Minnesota history.

  5. Student will learn to synthesize information from mutliple sources.

2. Review Background Information

Please review two background sources.

-View of Ft. Snelling in 1865 Credit: MNHS

-The Spread of U.S. Slavery, 1790–1860

Review Background Information
Review Background Information

3. Search MNHS Digital Newspaper Hub


Search for “Dred Scott” or “Harriet Scott”

Search MNHS Digital Newspaper Hub
Search MNHS Digital Newspaper Hub

4. Click on Year Published