MN History Map Exercise: Week 4 Assignment

MN history map exercise

  1. Choose a map from the MN Historical Society 1500-1699 Collection. Link
  2. Open and review a map.
  3. Answer the below questions in complete sentences.
  4. Save your answers as a .txt file written in Markdown and upload to Week 4 assignments.

Learning Goals

  1. Student will demonstrate that ability to research the provenance of maps.
  2. Student will critique the geographic accuracy of a map.
  3. Student will identify the historical perspectives of the map makers.
  4. Student will create a coherent thesis explaining how this map reflected a specific argument about the past.

Please answer in complete sentences, using only your own words.

  1. When was you map created and by whom?
  2. What information can you find from credible websites on the biography of your map maker?
  3. What does this map get right about MN and North America?
  4. What does this map get wrong about MN and North America?
  5. Chose one element of the map: what does this element reflect of the perspective of the map maker?
  6. What three questions does this map raise for you about 16th or 17th century geographic knowledge?
  7. Articulate a thesis of the map.
  8. Create a thesis about the thesis of the map.