Week 7 Assignment: Timeline

US Dakota Conflict Timeline Assignment

Learning Ojbectives and Grading Criteria

  1. Student will identify four dated events related to the U.S. Dakota conflict
  2. Student will correctly place those four dated events on a knight timeline.
  3. Student will include at least one image in the knight timeline.
  4. Student will explain how each event relates directly to the U.S. Dakota war.
  5. Student will publish their timeline and post the iframe code to the correct assignment folder (Week 7: Timeline).
  6. Student credited all words and images not their own with appropriate citation.


  1. Chose four events from your paper timeline and copy them into a markdown document (I'm going to collect your paper timelines, so make sure you get all the relevant information before you leave Thursday).
  2. Follow the directions for how to make a Knight Lab Timeline here.