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Lab Experiments Due Thursday Nights at 10 p.m.

Week 1: Post the answers to the first lesson of "Check, please" (see Schedule), in "Week 1:Experiment" discussion.

Week 2: Lab experiment 2

Week 3: Lab experiment 3

Week 4: Lab Experiment 4

Week 5: UPDATED- 2021-02-12Lab experiment 5: Big file or Small pdf

Week 6: Lab experiment 6
Technical Instructions: Creating a Knight Timeline

Week 7: Lab Experiment 7

Week 8: Lab Experiment 8

Two of the StoryMap images aren’t loading. I’ve found the map from the one. The second image is lost.

Map Links from Silk Road StoryMap:
Page 2- "The Impact of the Ancient Silk Road:" https://en.unesco.org/silkroad/silkroad-interactive-map
Page 5- "Famous Travellers"- the organization that hosted this map ceased to exist.

Week 9: Lab Experiment 9 Be sure to answer the Augustan Rome questions. They disappeared for several hours on 17 March, but are correctly restored.

Week 10: Lab experiment 10

Week 11: Lab experiment 11

Week 12: Lab Experiment 12

Week 13: Lab Experiment 13

Week 14: Lab Experiment 14

Week 15: Lab Experiment 15

Week 16: Lab Experiment 16