Experiment 7: Comparing Sculpture

For this week, you'll compare how children were represented in ancient Greek sculpture. Consider the following sculptures:
Terracotta statuette of a standing girl

Bronze statuette of an African (known as Ethiopian) youth

Answer the following questions and submit your answers to the Experiment 7 discussion board. Each answer should be a short 2-5 sentences, paragraph.

  1. What was the historical context for the creation of these statues? Put another way, what was happening in this period and place that could have influenced the artist?
  2. What similarities and differences do you note between these two sculptures?
  3. Using these sculptures as examples, what can clothing on sculpture tell us about the society that produced the sculptures?
  4. Chose one sculpture. What do you think the artists would have responded to the statement: "all humans are deserving of human dignity when represented in art?" Use the sculpture to explain your answer.

Grading Criteria

Points will be awarded based on best faith answers to each question.