In which technology opens doors and wastes time.

Because I know that a big project requires organization, I've put together a project management document using Zoho (and Indian web service with email, CRM, project management, etc. . . patterned on google but paid and without advertising). The project management document in zoho is not shareable, so I've exported it to google docs as an spreadsheet. See it here.

A colleague told me yesterday, "You're trying to cram a sabbatical into a summer, good luck." She was sincere, both in her work estimation and encouragement, yet it reminded how much workflow and efficiency will matter for this project. 

For example, I'm trying to decide if this blog is better on, which has limited functionality but no upkeep, or if I should host it myself, allowing me to use all sorts of plugins but also requiring maintenance. As I compile resources, often links to web pages or documents I create, should I embed those documents here, or share their origin database, say in Zotero? I follow digital historians on twitter and across the blogosphere, and there appears to be no common or best practice. So, I'm going to do what takes the least time, a practice that will likely be less elegant but leaving more time for other things. 

Next up, reviewing some of the literature on poverty and pedagogy I've already compiled, and reviewing the digital history tools I know exist.

Safe home. 

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