Schedule — 1102 — Fall 2016

Syllabus -- Schedule -- Assignments -- D2L

Schedule: World History 1102, Fall 2016

Quizzes close on Sunday night at 8 p.m. Discussion and all assignments are due by Friday at 8 p.m.

Week 1, Aug 21 – 27: History Bootcamp I

Read, View, or Play: Read this first

Video intro to historical thinking

Intro to primary vs. secondary sources

Plagiarism tutorial

Do: Take the Self Assesment to help me understand you better as a learner.

Week 2, Aug 28 – Sept 3: History Bootcamp II

Read, View, or Play: You will need your Star ID to log in to our Library Databases for these readings.

Textbook reading on Ottoman Emire
Letter of Ogier

Letter from Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq to the Holy Roman Emperor around 1555-1562

A virtual walking tour of the Suleymaine Mosque.

Do: Bootcamp II: Source Analysis

Week 3, September 4 - 10, Words I

Read, View, or Play: Wu Cheng'en Reading: Journey to the West
Introduction to William Shakespeare
Introduction to Miguel de Cervantes NOTE- NEW READING!
Voyant tools
Google ngrams

Do:Words I Assignment

Week 4, September 11 – 17, Words II

Read, View, or Play: You will use the followig texts the Words II assignment. I do not expect you to read all of Shakespeare, Don Quijote, and Journey to the West.

Complete works of Shakespeare who died in 1616

Journey to the West A Classic Chinese Tale of the Stone Monkey king forced by Buddha to work with a Buddhist Monk, 1592.

Don Quijote, Miguel de Cervantes, died 1616.

Quiz: Time I, Open From 2016_9_15 to 2016_9_18
Do: Week 4 Discussion Posts
Do: Words II Assignment

Week 5, Sept 18 – 24, Time I

Read, View, or Play: British India Sections on Domestic life (2) and Economic life (2)

Quiz: Time II Readings, Open From 2016_9_22 to 2016_9_25
Do: Week 5 Discussion Posts
Do: Time I Assignment
Questions for Time I Assignment

Week 6, Sept 25 – Oct 1, Time II

Read, View, or Play: Tokugawa Japan Sections on Domestic life (2) and Economic life (2)

Quiz: Images I Readings, Open From 2016_9_30 to 2016_10_2
Do: Week 6 Discussion Posts
Do: Time II Assignment

Week 7, October 2 – 8, Images I

Read, View, or Play: Introduction to Islam Please read the following sections: Islam, History and Development, Spreading the Faith, The Popularity of Islam, Internal Arguments and Divides.

Introduction to Buddhismm Pages 87-93.

Introduction to Christianity Sections: Christianity, History & Development, The E. Orthodox Church is Established, The Reformation gives rise to Protestantism.

Quiz: Images II Readings, Open From 2016_10_6 to 2016_10_9
Do: Week 7 Discussion Posts
Do: Images I Assignment

Week 8, October 9 – 15, Images II

Read, View, or Play: "Buddha, Life of the, in Art" Entire article.

Islam and ArtSections: Definitions and Dilemmas, The World in Islamic Art, An Ottoman Prayer Rug

Christianity in Art Sections: Examples: Three Images of Mary and Jesus.

Quiz: Numbers I Readings, Open From 2016_10_13 to 2016_10_16
Do: Week 8 Discussion Posts
Do: Images II Assignment

Week 9, October 16 – 22, Numbers I

Read, View, or Play: "What is Quantitative History

Reading and Organizing Quantitative Evidence

A brief history of statistics

Sections "Populations and Samples" and "Displaying Data" in this article
Paying attention to the terms in the sidebar.

We will be using the website Gapminder next
week. The information in gapminder will not be on your quiz, but you may
wish to play with it prior to our discussions.

Quiz: Numbers II Readings, Open From 2016_10_20 to 2016_10_23
Do: Week 9 Discussion Posts
Do: Numbers 1 Assignment

Week 10, Oct 23 – 29, Numbers II

Read, View, or Play: "The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database" Guide Pages 1-28.

Quiz: Conversations I Readings, Open From 2016_10_27 to 2016_10_30
Do: Week 10 Discussion Posts
Do: Numbers 2 Assignment

Week 11, Oct 30 – Nov 5, Conversations I

Read, View, or Play: Introduction to Industrialization

Quiz: Conversations II Readings, Open From 2016_11_3 to 2016_11_6
Do: Week 11 Discussion Posts
Do: Conversations 1 Assignment

Week 12, November 6 – 12, Conversations II

Read, View, or Play: Global Industrialization: Video, image primary sources This page contains flash for video: you may need to try multiple browsers.

Quiz: Maps I Readings, Open From 2016_11_10 to 2016_11_13
Do: Week 12 Discussion Posts
Do: Conversations II Assignment

Week 13, November 13 – 19, Maps I

Read, View, or Play: Colonialism in Africa

Quiz: Maps II Readings, Open From 2016_11_10 to 2016_11_13
Do: Week 13 Discussion Posts
Do:Maps 1 Assignment

Week 14, November 20 – 26, Maps II

Read, View, or Play: "Searching for Sara Baartman"

Quiz: No quiz
Do: Week 14 Discussion Posts
Do: Maps 2 Assignment

Week 15, Nov 27 – Dec 3, Final Exhibit I

Read, View, or Play: Video Introduction to Omeka

I decided against using Omeka. Instead, we are going to use WordPress. This will cut down on having to learn a new Content Management System.
Quiz: No Quiz
Do: Week Discussion Posts
Do: Exhibit I Assignment

Week 16, December 4 – 10

Read, View, or Play: Review a Sample Exhibit

Course Evaluation:
Do: Week 16 Discussion Posts
Do: Exhibits 2 Assignment: Peer Review (html)
Exhibits 2 Assignment: Peer Review (txt file)

Week 17 (Finals), December 11 – 17

Do: Final Exhibit Assignment