Words II Assignment

For this assignment, you add all three fictional works (Shakespeare’s plays, Don Quijote, and Journey to the West

A. Review the readings from last week.

Wu Cheng’en Reading: Journey to the West

Introduction to William Shakespeare

Introduction to Miguel de Cervantes

Voyant tools

B. Use the following links to input the required texts:

-The complete works of Shakespeare – http://norvig.com/ngrams/shakespeare.txt (Shakespeare died 1616)
-Journey to the West,* http://chine.in/fichiers/jourwest.pdf, Classic Chinese Tale of the Stone Monkey king forced by Buddha to work with a Buddhist Monk, 1592.
_Don Quijote– http://cervantes.tamu.edu/english/ctxt/DQ_Ormsby/part1_DQ_Ormsby.html,
* Miguel de Cervatnes, died 1616

C. Look up articles in our Library databases based on your results from Voyant.

D. Write three paragraphs analyzing your results from Voyant and based on your reading from our Library databases.

Learning goals

By the end of this lesson a student will:

  1. Be able to enter a corpus of texts into Voyant.

  2. Edit stopwords

  3. Lookup an article in our Library database.

  4. Analyze Voyant results using background information from the Library database.

  5. Write three paragraphs, one paragraph about each different corpus (group of) texts (Don Quijote, Journey to the West, Collective Works of Shakespeare).

Drop the URL (web address) into the Voyant search box.

Then click “Reveal”

Read the wordcloud and edit stopwords.

Eliminate common words that don’t help you understand the past.

Edit stopwords

Add stopwords that don’t tell you anything about the past.