Assignments – 1101 – Fall 2018

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Week 2
Markdown Tutorial
Bootcamp II Assignment

Week 3 Online Login page for our Omeka website.
Face to Face Login page for our Omeka website.
Time I Assignment

Week 4 Time II Assignment

Week 5 Images I Assignment

Week 6 Images II Assignment

Week 7 Maps I Assignment

Week 8 Maps II Assignment

Week 9 [Words I Assignment]

Week 10 [Words II Assignment]

Week 11 [Numbers I Assignment]

[Historical Statistics for the World Economy: 1-1500](
Historical-Statistics-for-the-World-Economy1_1500.xlsx) For our Numbers 1 Assignment, not on the quiz.

Week 12 [Numbers 2 Assignment]

Select Per Capita GDP World History Excel File

Week 13 [Conversations 1 Assignment]
Week 14 [Conversations 2 Assignment]

Week 15 [Exhibits 1 Assignment]

Week 16 [Exhibits 2 Assignment: Peer Review (html)]
[Exhibits 2 Assignment: Peer Review (txt file)]