1 World History 1- 1101- Spring 2022

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2022-01-20, 16:33 Struggling a bit

Every email and phone call is an opportunity, and I'm grateful for all of them. And, all those opportunities take time, so I'm a 24 hours behind on grading, and plan to catch up tomorrow.

Prepare, Assignment, and Reflection documents for Week 3 will all be posted tomorrow (Friday).

2022-01-20, 11:12 Calendar

For those who wish to have due dates in a digital format, I created a e-calendar of due dates.

Those who wish to import this calendar into their own software can due so with this ical link.

2022-01-20, 10:54 Tips to make your Assignment File Easier to Read

1. Check your link to be sure it's accurate (password is the credibility checking process acronym in Check, Please!, all lowercase.)
Assignment Files: Section 00
Assignment Files: Section 01
Assignment Files: Section 10
2. Title your Assignment file with your name and section: Jack_Norton_Sec00.
3. Write your newest work at the top of your document, with the older work below it. This is called a chronological scroll, much like texting, except text strings have newer work always at the bottom.
4. Avoid light colors for your text. Red and pink are really hard to read.

And thank you!

2022-01-19, 16:44 All Week 1 Graded

I've finished assessing Week 1.

We have more than 92% of students with correct Assignment file links who are producing great work. Let's support everyone so that we've 100%.

I left notes in most files. I surround my notes with closed brackets [] and sign my name if you want to find them with the Crtl (Cmd) + f commands.

Fascinating reading of Week 1 material. Students speak the following languages, from fluent to only a few words.

Section 00 Section 01 Section 10
English Swahili
Telugu Spanish English
Spanish English Somali
American Sign Language Russian Russian
Japanese Ukranian Spanish
French Japanese Mandarin
Hindi Serbian Ibgo
Creole (Carribean) Bosnian Farsi
Norwegian Croatian Finnish
Korean French
Italian Swedish
Somali Arabic
Arabic American Sign Language
Russian Dutch
German Mandarin- Chongqing dialect
Mandarin- standard

2022-01-18, 16:49 Week 1 Assessments

I've assessed Section 00 Prepare, Assignment, and Reflection, but not Sections 01, and 10. This second week is challenging as I normally have days to grade 3 assignments and I'm grading all three in two days.

There are still some students who have not shared an office 365 or Google doc link with me. Please see directions in your Normandale email or on our D2L course page announcement for directions. We need to remedy this as soon as possible.

Great hypothes.is discussion on disinformation and the internet. As I noted in response to one student, historical censorhips (pre-1400 CE) meant keeping information away from people. Our censorship of today is flooding an information system with mis and disinformation in ways that make finding credible sources almost impossible.

2022-01-18, 09:59 Assignment Files- Double checking

Below are pages that have all your Assignment files. As you've shared you link only with me, you will not be able to access other student's files. Please double check to be sure your link is correct and arrives at your desired location.

As an added layer of protection, I've asked for a password.

If you do NOT see your name or your link is not correct, please email me with your correct link, being sure to include your section number. I start assessing work today.

Assignment Files: Section 00
Assignment Files: Section 01
Assignment Files: Section 10

Password: what is the acronym for the crediblity-checking system you were introduced to in Week 2: Check, Please! lessons? Lower case.

2022-01-15, 14:44 Laptops for Students

If you need a computer for your college work, Normandale may be able to give you one. Please fill out this form

2022-01-15, 14:17 Video of help session.

Here's a link to the video of Friday's Zoom help sessions. Students asked questions and I answered them with a shared screen.

2022-01-14, 16:18 A note on 16 pages

The syllabus notes you'll write 16 pages for this course. That's an estimate of how many pages you'll write over the course of the semester, not each week.

2022-01-14, 8:41 Pop-up Zoom Help Session today at 3:30 p.m.

Several students expressed a desire for a live, video help session. So, I'll hold one today at 3:30 via Zoom. Details are in the email I just sent to your college email address.

Want help setting up your Office 365 or google doc, help with hypothes.is or have questions about how the course operates? Or just want to "meet" me? You can turn your camera on or not: the time is for you.

2022-01-13, 20:59 Important Updates

  • 2/3rds of all students have submitted their Office 365 or google doc link to me for their Assignment file. Thank you!

    If you have not, see the instructions on our D2L home page or in the email I sent.

  • Section 10 has the most annotations on the syllabus with hypothes.is. Please create your accounts and annotate our syllabus with a note. Ask a question, highlight something that works or doesn't work for you, or call attention to a resource you think others might find useful. Instructions for hypothes.is also on D2L home page and in your email.

  • Week 2 Prepare, Assignment, and Reflection documents are all posted. Note the Dr. MLK Jr. holiday, Section 10. We will not meet this coming Monday.

  • Many students have COVID at Normandale. If you have symptoms or test positive, please contact the Dean of Students at dos@normandale.edu so that he can register your case and advise you on what to do.

  • Please fill out this get to know you document so I can best support you.

  • Please: mask up, vax and boost yourselves. And get well soon to the numerous students recovering from COVID.

2022-01-12, 12:26 Assignment File question and NYtimes option

Once you have successfully shared your Office 365 Assignment file that includes your section number with my Normandale account or your google docs folder with my gmail account, your sharing is over. I use the link to access your work for grading, but you do not need to share or submit anything new with me. Your efforts are spent understanding the past and showing me your mastery of that, not fiddling with file management.

Your Assignment for week 1 asks you to read a New York Time article. If you do not regularly read the times, you should be able to use their 5 free a month policy. To have free access to the NYTimes, see below.

Sign up for a free NYtimes account through the Normandale Library with the following directions.

How to Register for New York Times Website Access Courtesy of Normandale Community College Library

  • Go to http://bit.ly/NormandaleNYTimes
  • Click Create Account.
  • Fill out account form. Use your Normandale email address. Uncheck the box to opt out of marketing emails.
  • Click sign up.
  • Your access is good for one year from date of sign up. (At the end of the year, re-visit the link above, click the Log in here >> link for people who already have an account, login, and request another annual pass.)
    Click Go to NYTimes.com. You are automatically signed in.
  • To sign in on other computers, go to NYTimes.com and click the login button in the upper right of the screen. Log in with your Normandale email address and password you set when registering.
  • If you want, download the New York Times app from the iTunes or Google store and login with your email address and password for access on your mobile device.

2022-01-11, 12:48 Please include name and section number in your emailed Assignment link.

When you share your Assignment link with me - through Office 365 or Google - please be sure to include your name and section number. All I teach is world history 1, so I need your section number to place your link in the appropriate place.

Thank you for sending or resending your links with the Section numbers. See you on hypothes.is for our annotation.

Welcome to our course. Please read this first.

World history 1 parts

All the sources for weeks 1-10 will be chosen by me, Jack. Weeks 11 -16 will include half sources by me and half by the group who wrote the assignment.