Podcast- 2nd Plate

Learning Goals and Grading Criteria: Student will be able to. . .

  1. Revise their script based on the professor and their own suggestions.
  2. Publish a podcast as both a script and audio file.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of quality primary and secondary sources.
  4. Explain this historical significance of a person, place, event, idea, or object that lies within the course dates.


STOP: Please wait until you have feedback on you podcast before recording.

With a podcast script, you now have four steps to produce a podcast.

  1. Edit the script, including new information, narrowing your focus, eliminating unecessary information, and providing proper ciations for two secondary sources and one primary source.
  2. Read and record your podcast.
  3. Upload the file to your Office 365 or Google Docs folder and share the new file with me (jack.norton@normandale.edu for Office or jackhistorynorton@gmail.com for google.)
  4. Post the shared link in your Assignment file along with your final script and clearly noted 1 primary and two secondary sources in you bibliography.

Sample Podcast Draft

Recording your Podcast

You will need to use a device to record audio. You can use your laptops or your phone.

  • Laptop Software

Audacity is free, simple to us podcast software. The advantage of Audacity is it works on all computers. The disadvantage is you must install it.
Microsoft Stream is an video an audio capture software that is part of your Office 365 account. We will only use the audio capture. The advantage of Stream is that you can use it without downloading anything.

  • Mobile software.

Use VoiceMemo on an iPhone
Use your Android phone- there are many voice memo or voice recording apps.

Here are step-by-step instructions to use Audacity or Stream for our project.


[ ] Podcast was edited from the first draft to the last.
[ ] Podcast uses quality sources with named authors and credible publications.
[ ] Podcast audio and text with citations are published to the Assignment file.
[ ] Podcast audio file link has been shared in you Assignment file so that your professor can listen to it.
[ ] Podcast clearly states the historical significance of highlighted person, place, event, or object.
[ ] Podcast addresses a topic that is in the designated period for the class.