Intro to StoryMaps: World 1


For this week’s Project, you’ll build a StoryMap using ArcGIS. ArcGIS is the industry standard for GIS. StoryMaps let us put images, maps, and text together to explain the past.

Learning Goals

  1. Create an account with ArcGIS and successfully navigate within its interface.
  2. Chose an image of a historical object from a credible museum site related to Mauryan or Hellenistic periods.
  3. Incorporate your chosen image along with a created map, citation, and explanation of the historical significance of the item into a StoryMap.


Chose an object from the following sources that relate to the Mauryan and Hellenistic Periods.

British Museum Mauryan Collection
British Museum Hellenistic Period Collection
Met Museum Mauryan Collection
National Museum of Greece Hellenistic Period
National Museum of New Dehli: Caution- collection sorted by art type, not period

1. Navigate to

To create an account, click “Sign In”
Navigate to

2. Create Public Account

I encourage you NOT to use an existing account, unless you are familiar witht privacy policies of your third-party account, such as Facebook, Google, or Apple.

You can use whatever username and email you wish.

Some students have encountered an error message at this point that too many people are attempting to sign up. This was likely only an issue as an entire in-person class tried at once, but please give yourself time to get an account before you need to work on it.
Create Public Account

3. Create a new story.

You can “Start from Scratch,” or use one of the other formats (Sidecar, Guided Map Tour, Explorer Map Tour). All students have the same requirements (Image, map, citation, text) so the formatting is up to you.

Most students chose to Start from scratch. (1)

If you want to see example of other StoryMaps, you can “Explore Stories” (2)

Tutorials on using StoryMaps are also available (3)
Create a new story.

4. Starting from Scratch

This is your title page.

To add elements, click the plus sign “+”
Starting from Scratch

5. Options for adding elements

The “Text,” “Map,” and “Image” elements are the three you’ll need to complete the assignment.