World History 1-Spring 19

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History 1101: World History from Prehistory to 1400 with Jack Norton

2019_01-24 Online 1101 students are loaded into Omeka. Face to face students will load this afternoon. Online students can now login to Omeka for the Time 1 assignment.

201-01-24- Time 1 Assignment (Week 3) I've loaded the Time 1 Assignment so you can review it. I have to load all the students into the website we're using (Omeka), which I'll do Friday morning. So, you will be able to login to Omeka to start working on the assignment Friday night if you wish. Face to face students, we will review the assignment on Monday.

2019-01-24 As requested from one of your fellow students last night, here's a model for your answers.Note I'm using a codeblock in Markdown so you see the actual Markdown rather than the rendered HTML version of it.

1. Answer to question one in a complete sentence. 
2. Answer to question two in a complete sentence. 

6. The source I would use is X. The quotation I found useufl was ["this quotation"][1]


Hope this helps.

2019-01-16 Here's an explainer video of how to use our web pages. I created this for my online 1101 students, and it will be a useful review for what I covered in class for my face-to-face students.

2019-01-19 QUIZZES DUE: This Sunday at 8 p.m. your first two quizzes are due. The first quiz is on the readings for Week 2, as listed in the schedule. The second quiz is on the differences between primary and secondary sources, based on the web page of the same name linked in week 1.

2019-01-15 With apologies, I have a sick family member and need to be away from Normandale on Wednesday, January 16th. I will post more to guide you in learning about our course asap. WEDNESDAY CLASS IS CANCELLED.

2018-08-26 - This course page is where I'll provide useful guidance for the course. For example, I may remind you of upcoming due dates or give hints for how to work through a particular assignment.To start our course, read this first. You can also login to our D2L page to look at the gradebook and assignment folder structure. Welcome to our course:)