Social Media and MN History Assignment

Social Media and History Assignment

Historians and other historical professionals use social media in a variety of ways. Some historical professionals, such as museum curators, use social media to draw attention to physcial spaces, such as exhibits at museums. Other scholars publish their ongoing scholarhip on social media. Even more use social media as a personal learning network, to expand their capabilities. Finally, many use social media just to highlight interesting historical details.

The values of social media do no always correspond with the value of history.
What are the values of social media?

What are the values of history?

Chose a social media platform. Write a lesson plan to teach this class about how to use your social media platform to understand the history of Thanksgiving in Minnesota. Your lesson plan should have:

  1. Learning goals (at least 3)
  2. And explanation of the platform for novices.
  3. Specific actions for a student to take.
  4. Guidance on what a successful assignment will look like. Put another way, would a person learn a skill, a piece of information (fact), or a process for how to teach themselves how to learn social media.