Bootcamp II – 2101

History Bootcamp II Assignment: Source Analysis

From 20,000 BCE to 2,000 CE- how do we know what we know?

1. In this assignment, you will look at several primary sources and review several secondary sources, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of source.

  1. Review the articles you read for this week.

  2. Once you've reviewed these sources, you will answer the questions below in a text document, posting your document to the History Bootcamp II Assignment Assignment Submission Folder.

2. Learning Objectives

By the end of this student, students will be able to:

  1. Correctly identify historical sources as primary or secondary.
  • Demonstrate the ability to compose in basic Markdown syntax.

3. In complete sentences, please answer the following questions.

  1. Which of the four sources contain primary sources and which sources contain secondary sources?
  • Of these sources, do you find the primary sources (pictures) or the secondary sources more useful for understanding the past? Why?

  • If you were writing a novel about ancient humans, which source would you use? Why? Use a quotation from a secondary source and insert in into your Markdown document with the markdown format of: [1] and 1 format.

4. Grading.


  1. Correctly identified historical sources as primary or secondary.
  • Demonstrated the ability to compose in basic Markdown syntax.

  • Demonstrated the ability to properly use a quotation with an appropriate citation.

  • Formed a historical thesis about the place of art in ancient human history.