Revision: Distant Reading


You’ve now used Voyant to distantly read an article of your choice. We’ll now used Voyant to analyze single texts. This is still not using the full capabilities of Voyant or distant reading, which can read entire libraries.

Learning Goals: Students will

  • Enter a the designated URL (below) into Voyant
  • Chose five words to research in a Normandale Libary Database
  • Draw a historical connection between their distant reading Voyant term and an article they find in a Normandale Library data base related to the history of Islam or a country with a majority Islamic population.

Sources: Read only with Voyant

World History 1 (1101)

Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), Muqaddimah (Version 1)


Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), Muqaddimah (Version 2)

World History 2 (1102)

The Status of Jews and Christians in Muslim Lands, 1772 CE

Voyant URLs

Alternate 1:
Alternate 2:

Normandale Library Databases

Jstor and Project Muse have more sophisticated articles. Gale ebook has the largest collection of background articles. You can use any database on the Library – History page that yields an article related to your Voyant analysis.


  • Citation of article from Normandale Library database.
  • List of 4-5 words from Voyant that you found possibly historically significant and want to research.
  • Summary of why you believe your 4-5 words might be historically significant in complete sentence (a short paragraph).
  • Choose one word to connnect to an article you find in a Normandale Library database that relates to the history of the document you used in Voyant.
  • Write two questions you have about your word you seek to answer in your search for a background article in complete sentences.
  • In 2-4 sentences, how does your word connect to the article you found?

Video Instructions with Website Examples