Prepare: Brainstorm and Source Research- World 2

Learning goals:

  1. Identify possible podcast subjects based on brainstorm
  2. Identify three (one primary, two secondary) credible sources upon which to base your podcast.


A podcast is a newscast, broadcast digitally. If you’ve ever heard “It’s 3 p.m. the news is next” you’ve heard a newscast. I use the terms newscast and podcast interchangeably. You are going to write short (less than 3 minute) podcast, about a historical subject from between 1400 and January 2020 C.E.

Brainstorm 1

Answer the following questions:

  1. What country or region do you find most interesting?
  2. What 1400 to January 2020 CE food do you find interesting?
  3. What 1400 to January 2020 CE person have you found interesting?
  4. What 1400 to January 2020 CE fresh water topic have your found interesting?
  5. If you had to live in the 1400 to January 2020 CE CE world, what job outside the elite (no princesses/princes) would you want and why?
  6. What question have you asked in your Reflections that might make a good podcast?


Using Normandale library databases or other credible institutions, such as museums, find three possible sources for a podcast topic. Using Zot Bib, generate a bibliography for your three sources.

What is due

Post the answers to your Brainstorm 1 questions and your Research bibliography to your Assignment file by Tuesday at 10 pm.

Grading criteria

Students receive one point for each Brainstorm question answered and each source provided, up to three sources for a total of 10 points [Question 5 has two questions.]