Experiment 15: Creating your own textbook

Learning goals:

  1. Select three sources around a theme in 20th century history.
  2. Analyze each our your three secondary sources.
  3. Identify key primary sources from within the secondary sources.
  4. Make an argument for why your theme is important in 20th century world history.


Write 250-300 words on why your theme is historically important for understanding world history in the 20th century.

Include citations for all three of your sources at the end of your source.

Post your paragraphs to the Experiment 15 discussion board.


I expect that no one will repeat sources given the open-ended nature of this assignment.

Big themes, such as "World Wars" make bad arguments because they are obvious, like arguing water is wet. The narrower your theme, the more likely you’ll find it to make and support your thesis.

Students typically write best when they write about what they know or are interested in. I encourage you to chose a theme that interests you or you have an existing expertise in.