Prepare 6

Please answer in complete sentences.

  1. Do you have any language, travel, or living experience with the regions we are studying this week (South Asia, Greek Empire) that you’d like to share with the class? If so, what do you think others would benefit from knowing about these regions and their history?
  2. Maps, like history articles, contain a thesis, or argument. Often the thesis relates to who controls what land, but sometimes it relates to non-control issues. For example, a map of languages in different regions helps us understand the communication options of peoples. What maps would you create about our regions if you could? For example, I would love to see the per person consumption of wine around the Mediterranean and a map of the major learning centers in ancient S. Asia.
  3. What maps, aside from navigation maps you use to get from one place to another, are important to you? Why? For example, the map of park paths in Minneapolis is important to me as I use the paths for running. I often know how to get from point A to point B in Minneapolis better based on walking paths than by roads, which shapes my expectations for how long it takes to travel between locations.