Prepare 16- Black Death- Section 01

In the BBC podcast hosted by Melvin Bragg. They discuss the Black death’s effect on Europe. The podcast goes on a stretch about the short-term effect of the black death in Europe and the long-term effect. It does go into detail about certain countries like Italy and how it affected the workforce at the time.

  1. Questions: They open the podcast with the plague being dropped off through a ship. Was this the main way the plague spread through other European nations?

  2. Did any at the time of the plague think the plague would be the end of the world since it was killing so much at such a fast pace?

  3. Did the Black death desensitize death in Europe during this time?

  4. When the covid-19 pandemic hit the entire world was in a state of confusion at first. That was with modern-day communication technology where a message can be sent to the other side of the world in 12 seconds. How confused were the Europeans when the Bubonic Plague hit?

  5. Since the Plague was seen as punishment from God by the Christan nations, what did the non-Christan nations think the plague stemmed from?

  6. How many Jews were killed during the Black death do to hate crimes because they were blamed for the pandemic?