Prepare 14 – Section 00

Please answer the following questions honestly and in complete sentences.

1) What about the listed Geography, Cartography, and Exploration reading is a new concept to you? How does this enhance your understanding of the study of maps and GIS systems?

2) What is your experience using maps to determine the trends among what happens in a particular region of the world? How can you apply this experience to your everyday life using maps? Ex: I have looked at the war trends with migration in the European Region using maps in my history courses, and I can use this skill to help me follow trends in traffic during rush hour.

3) In the creation of your Story Map made in week 6, name something that either was challenging to you, inspired you, or you thought was particularly interesting.

4) We use maps in our everyday lives, and they can be used for various reasons; for example, traveling, finding electrical lines, water pipes, and even for building houses/floor plans. What types of maps interest you the most, and why? Do you have experience using such maps? Ex: I am interested in the maps used for housing developments and property lines. I do not have personal experience using these types of maps, but they interest me because they are very detailed and thought out, and with housing developments growing every day, it is amazing there is room to create these buildings everywhere.