Prepare 13-Metadata-Section 01


  1. A review from week 5, what questions does metadata answer? How can this help your research? What are 5 examples of metadata that you can find in the sources provided?
  2. What are the Muslim’s fundamental ideals or pillars? How have they changed? Why? (what source is this from?)
  3. What impact has the spread of Islam had on language?
  4. How did the idea of political, religious, and social reputation develop throughout the sources?
  5. The article: “Influence of Islam in Africa,” discusses how Islam coexisted with various regions of Africa. What parallels may be seen between these events and current happenings?
  6. What questions did you have from your week 5 assignment? Are you able to answer those questions right now? If not, what can you do in order to answer them?