Assignment Questions: (Analyze with Voyant)

Question 1: Which words appear the “most important” or mentioned the most?

Question 2: Connect 3 of these words to the secondary sources. Explain the connection using 200 or fewer words.

Learning Goals:

  1. Students are able to insert URLs and text into Voyant.
  2. Students are able to come to a conclusion on the significance of counting words.
  3. Students are able to explain in their assignment paragraphs the use of stop words.
  4. Students are able to show their conclusions from Voyant. This includes the use of stop words and word count.
  5. Students are able to link secondary source information to primary source information using Voyant analysis.

Voyant Directions:

Step 1: Go to the Voyant website ( and enter the Tirukkural by pasting the text into the box labeled “Add text”.

Step 2: Click reveal to generate a word count of the text.

Step 3: Next to the question mark icon click on the switch and edit the list of stopwords adding any that are necessary.

Step 4: Use the newly generated word cloud and other Voyant tools to look for patterns and other connections.

Grading Criteria:

  • Primary source entered into Voyant (2 pts.)

  • Demonstrated an understanding of the Voyant tool (3 pts.)

  • Explained three distinct word connections between the primary and secondary sources (5 pts.)

  • Ability to clearly link primary and secondary sources using Voyant. (3 pts.)

Instructions on how to submit work: Assignment will be submitted through a paragraph, which will be typed in their World History document.