Assignment Week 3

Learning Goals and Grading Criteria

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to connect a material object primary source to a secondary source.
  2. Reference two or more secondary sources from this week’s sources in supporting their questions.
  3. Use the secondary sources to ask historical thinking questions about an object.
  4. Write complete sentences using standard English.

Sources for Assignment

Consider both objects below and chose one on which to write your Week 3 Assignment.



After considering the objects, connect an observation of the object to information in one our secondary sources. Using both your observation and secondary source information, offer a question (or related questions) that might help us understand more about Mohenjo Daro. Please write four of these observation, information, question clusters.


Observation: The Mohenjo Daro jar is 27 inches tall and that size suggests to me this was used to store liquid, not for personal use.
Secondary Source Information: The Mohenjo Daro map shows that it sits along rivers, and the slide-show includes numerous wells. There appears to be strong access to fresh water.
Questions: What device was used to carry and store this jar because it can not sit up on its own? Where there other items found near it that could have been used to carry or store it? Are there other societies that use pear-shaped vessels that we might learn from to understand how this jar was used?


Please write in complete sentences. You can use a stacked outline, as I have, or a table form, as you wish.