Assignment 8

Later in the semester you will write a podcast. As training, this week’s Assignment has three parts:

1. Read this article "Campfire tales: The essentials of writing for radio"

2. Chose a newscast (podcast)

Either search one of these two sites:

OR use one of these two podcasts



OR find a newscast/podcast of less than 7 minutes about a subject between 0 – 500 C.E.

3. Connect three suggestions from the "Campfire tales" article to the podcast you chose. Analyze what that podcast creators did well that connects with the Campfire article suggestions or what the podcast creators did poorly, or missed a chance to do, based on a suggestion in the article.

For example (and please don’t use this in you work), For example, the podcast "African Steel Making" is entirely in complete sentences. It misses the opportunity to present information in an informal way, with sentence fragments, replicating everyday speech.

Your three connections between your chosen podcast and the "Campfire" article along with what they did well or poorly should take up at least a paragraph but no more 300 words.