Assignment 15- Statistics- Section 10

  1. Refer to the research gate article and look at table 1. Find the mean, and mode of the known IMR (infant mortality rate) and CMR (child mortality rate). For decimals, round the percentage to the nearest whole number when figuring out the mode.

2.Using the same webpage, take another look at table 1 and observe the percentage numbers of the infant and child mortality rate. Do you see any patterns that keep occurring between the two? If yes, try your best to explain why.

3.In table 1, historians visualize the estimated mortality of youth and infant rate. For example, in the article it’s mentioned that in some countries mortality rates are still much higher than the world average. What stands out to you when reading these statistics?

  1. using the same article, take a look at the next table, we can see that the map shows the mortality of youth, seeing both the lowest and highest mortality rates. What are the average mortality rates looking at the map? What percentage seems significant to you?