Assignment 13-Metadata-Section 01

UPDATE: Due Thursday at 10 pm

Learning goals:

Students will be able to:

  1. Connect texts and secondary evidence to historical events between 500-750 AD
  2. Analyze the importance of the creation of Islam, and understand how and why Islam impacted and changed the areas it affected.
  3. Use search tools within texts to easily find information or words that coincide with important information.
  4. Properly understand the use of metadata.
  5. Use metadata for their own research

Use these sources for your assignment and research.

  1. Choose one of the 3 sources listed above that addresses the creation of Islam.
  2. When reading through these texts, use ctrl+f+command to access the word search. Use the word search to look up key terms and words within the text that you would use for metadata. A few examples of metadata: Author, period, maps, texts, important or sacred words, the geography and the locations within the texts, other sources related to the texts.
  3. Use Google Docs or Word File to create a list of the most important metadata that describes and arranges the text you chose. You should have at least 10 metadata, each one must be different and not similar to one another.
  4. You will write a paragraph on the same Google Doc or Word File you used to write your Metadata list. The paragraph should be no more than 500 words on how the text relates to or coincides with each of your metadata.
  5. Use the following images to answer the crossword that you can find in the link below. Add your answers to your Assignment file.