Assignment 11: Art Analysis- Section 10

Assignment Week 11

By: Ari Loesch, Cole Eigner, Karley Olson, Kelsi Mauzy, Ephratah Chinedu-Eneh

Learning goals and Grading Criteria

Students will:

a) Demonstrate the ability to connect the primary source with a secondary source

b) Refer to two of the secondary sources from this week’s sources to support their questions

c) Make use of the secondary sources by connecting them to critical questions relating to the primary source

d) Use complete English when completing this assignment

Sources for assignment

Consider the link below to write your week 11 assignment.

gold ring


After considering the object, make an observation of the object and connect it with one of the secondary sources included. Using your observation and secondary source information, create a question that may help us to better understand jewelry in this time period. Please write two of these observation, information, question clusters.

If you have any questions or feel confused, please refer to the “Week 3 Assignment” on Mr. Nortons 1101 weekly schedule. On this page you will find the assignment where we completed a very similar set of questions.


An example of the observation, information, & question clusters that you will complete.

Observation: The “Gold Ring with Carnelian Intaglio: Eros with flaming torch” is noted to be a part of the Roman, Cypriot culture.

Secondary Source Information: In the article, “Roman Jewelry,” by the Corinium Museum, we learn that “Rings occur frequently on Roman sites and there are many designs and types. Rings were worn by men, women, and children.”

Questions: Was there any significance of extravagant rings in Roman culture besides demonstrating wealth? Was the intricacy of the design at all related to social status? Since rings were worn by women, men, and children, were the rings at all an example of family/heritage?


Please write in English using complete sentences.

You will submit your answers on your class Assignment Document.