Assignment 10

Your assignment 10 consists of two parts which you co-create with your group members:

I. A Prepare document with a series of questions
II. An Assignment

Your two documents should follow the Prepare template and the Assignment template.

Please work with the students in your group, starting with the Prepare assignment for this week

For this assignment, you are teaching the rest of the class about a historical topic using a digital history tool. Your Assignment for week 10 are the Prepare and Assignment your group creates for your designated week.

Checklist for Prepare and Assignments created by students:

[ ] Includes two-three sources (one primary) in addition to those already listed in the schedule.
[ ] All work is edited for standard English usage, with appropriate quotations, and citations. Any citation format (MLA, Chicago, APA) is fine, so long as it is consistent.
[ ] Students clearly indicate which document they worked on (Prepare, Assignment, or both).
[ ] Students use a single, shared workspace to produce the Prepare and Assignment and then copy and paste the work into their individual Assignment files.