Project: Podcast Script

Project: Podcast Script

Learning Goals: Student will-

  1. Produce a complete podcast script written in the designated form.
  2. Cite 1 primary and 2 secondary sources from credible sources.

Guidelines for writing your podcast script

[ ] The format should be one sentence, one line. Yes, this makes it long on paper. But it allows you to look up when reading on air, and find your spot again quickly. Looking at a paragraph to find your spot results in dead air.

[ ] What one thing do you want someone to remember your podcast? Stick that up front and cut everything that doesn’t accomplish your goal.

[ ] News radio is listened to alone. Write as if speaking to one person, not an audience.

[ ]Write as you speak, conversationally. You’d never end a conversation with Grandma with "In conclusion," neither would a newscast.

[ ] Too many numbers can be overwhelming. Chose one, maybe two numbers and one date, that’s all.

[ ] Citations are done with 1. a bibliography and two, in-text citations. If you quote, write the word Quote or indicate another way the words aren’t your own (say pause. . . then resume). Your bibliography tells me where you got your information, your in-text citations (for example, as we learn from this 15th century letter from X to Y) let you be honest with your listener as to where your info comes from, and what words aren’t yours.

[ ] Write everything you’ll say, including foreign words phonetically. Anything you won’t say, for example (sound of bell), put in parentheses. Only uses parentheses for directions or non-read sound.

Podcast Script techical requirements

  1. Script addresses the period of our class
    (World 1 Face to Face 500 CE to 1400 CE)
    (World 1 Online: 2,000 BCE – 1400 CE)
    (World 2: 1400 -2020 CE).
  2. Script is 200 to 600 words.
  3. Script is writen with one sentence to a single line, followed by a space.
  4. Script addresses a single region, person, idea, place, event or object. Smaller topics are better.
  5. Script addresses a general audience.


This will be a credit/no credit assignment so that I can focus on giving your constructive feedback.