GIS Prepare- World 1

Questions: Please answer in complete sentences.

  1. Chose three spatial data for both the "Lysistrata" and "Mauryan" articles. What three spatial items would you plot if you wanted to create a map to help someone understand the events included in these readings?
  2. Why did you chose your six (total) spatial data?
  3. Other than using maps to travel by car, bus, or bike, what other maps do you regularly use? For example, I have a map that tracks all of my family’s Apple devices. I also have a Hobo-Dyer Equal Area world map on my wall in my home office so that I can remember the positions of countries.
  4. Aside from accurate geographic information, what one piece of metadata would you want to see attached to all historical map items? For example, I would always want to see what primary source was used to create the spatial data. Based on what source do we know that Pataliputra was the capital of the Nanda empire?

Example 2022-10-4, 19:49

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Example: using the lead article on the StarTribune website right ( about and Minnesota Colleges. I see that there are three cities mentioned in the article where nurse training occurs: Minneapolis, Mankato, and Rochester. So, I would use those as my spatial data. Then I would explain (question #2) that I chose that spatial data because the locations of nurse training is important to understand the larger issue of nurse shortage in Minnesota.