1st Plate GIS- World 2

Learning Goals and Grading Criteria

Student will:

  1. Create a map (digital or paper drawing, or StoryMap) of Aztec land in the pre-contact era.
  2. Map will include 5-7 physical and symbollic features from the article "Geography of the Aztec World"
  3. Map will include a key explaining features or labels on the map.
  4. Write a short paragraph, 3-4 sentence, explaining the theme of their map as it relates to the history of the Aztec or Nahua people.


  • Chose a series of geographic features that relate to a single theme or central idea.
  • Your map of the Aztec world should include two (2) physical geographic features, such as cities, lakes or rivers, architecture, chinampas, or aqueducts for example.
  • Your map should also contain at least one symbolic or spiritual geographic feature, such as an Aztec rain ritual to honor Tlaloc.
  • You can use any medium for your map that you choose, paper (take a photo of your drawing and post it to your Assignment file), digital (you can use this svg map of Mexico if you wish), or you can use StoryMaps again. Monochromatic (black and white) or colored maps are both fine.
  • Label your geographic features carefully, including a key.
  • Include your short paragraph written in standard college English at the bottom of your map.
  • Post a picture or a link of your map in your Assignment file.