2nd Plate- Group Project

Learning Goals and Grading Criteria

  1. Project includes an image of an object from the defined period.
  2. Project explains the history of the define religion to an unfamiliar yet curious classmate.
  3. Project cites all sources consulted, with quotation marks as appropriate.
  4. Common link to project is posted to all participants Assignment files.
  5. Student describes their contributions to the project.

NOTE: If you were absent on 2024-02-15, it’s your responsibility to contact members of your group to ask for a way that you can contribute.


  • Based on your assigned religion, chose an object from the Met Museum or British Museum related to that religion that is within 100 years of the founding of the religion (within 500 years for Buddhism and Hinduism).
  • Create a presentation for your peers introducing the belief system of the religion with the object as your focus of study. Your presentation should have a digital deliverable, like a slide show or paragraphs, with citations.
  • Cite all sources you use and copy the link to your presentation into your Assignment file.
  • In your Assignment file, define you contributions to the project.

Groups 1 and 4: Hinduism
Groups 2 and 5: Buddhism
Groups 3 and 6: Christianity
Group 7: Islam