Now grading. . .

Check back here if you wish to know which class I am grading today.

2023-12-19, 10:36 *All Grades Submitted

A note on final grades

  • I own all the grades so I can change your grade anytime. That is to say, please do not call in the middle of the night fearing a grade will be permanently on your record. Once final grades are submitted I must fill out a digital form to change it, and I can change it 5 minutes, 5 weeks, or 5 years after it’s been submitted.
  • Data errors are easy to fix and I welcome your emails.
  • Technical errors (google ate my homework) will involve a longer discussion that goes beyond when grades are due.
  • Your class citizenship grades are based on your participation, the honesty in your reflections, and respectful behavior towards everyone in this class, including me. Good citizens show up and make their communities better places. If you did that, you will score well.
  • I am willing to discuss individual assignments, but not the final course grade. Please consider your communication carefully when asking for regrading.
  • Grades are a measure of your performance on a set number of tasks over the course of four months. Grades are not a measure of intelligence, effort, ability, or my afinity for you. Grades reflect what you turned in, and only that.

NOTE: Once I finish batch grading final projects and desserts, I’ve a full list of grades to review from emails from students who didn’t share assignments or requested regrades. I call that cleaning up the gradebook, and it’s important, but comes, but necessity, last in the semester.

2023-12-18 Cleaning up grades, mostly the legion of students who did not link assignment correctly when they submitted various assignments. Grades are due by tomorrow at noon. Citizenship grades have been assigned. Online students who did not self-grade, I assigned a grade for your portion and that option is now closed.

2023-12-15 Minnesota History @Done

2023-12-14 World History 2, Online, Finale Projects and Desserts @Done

2023-12-14: World History 1, face-to-face, Final Projects and Desserts – @Done

2023-12-13: World History 1, online section, Final Projects and Desserts – @Done