Final Project- MN History- Spring 2024


Produce a project that is the equivalent of 500 words (2 pages, double spaced) that demonstrates:

  1. Your abilitiy to show how an object relates to the wider history of Minnesota.
  2. Your ability to use a digital humanities tool we’ve learned this semester (distant reading, numerical data literacy, GIS, art analysis, podcasting, or metadata).
  3. Your ability to find and draw evidenced-based conclusions from quality historical sources.
  4. Engages a 2024 audience on why your item is worth considering and how it relates to modern life.

Purpose: You are creating this project to show a future employer that you can research and present history in an effective way.

Audience: The director of marketing at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Final Product

  1. A bibliography of all sources, using the Chicago Manual of Style format. (Zotero bib can help.) You’ll need three or more sources (one primary) for this project.
  2. Prewriting for project handed in during class.
  3. 1st plate final project.
  4. Dessert Reflection on your experience in this class for the entire semester.



Your final product addresses a Minnesota history object 0-2020 CE. It can take any of the following forms:

  1. A two page analysis.
  2. A less than three-minute podcast
  3. A less than three-minute video
  4. A slide deck (power point)
  5. A story map.

If you wish to use another communication form, please check with me.

Steps in your project

  • Appetizer: Write your topic, one primary source and one secondary source (you need three sources for the final project, but only two to start), and what you think the historical significance of your Minnesota history object in the period 0-2020 CE on the handout.

  • Write, edit, and finalize your final project in your Assignment file by Tuesday of Finals Week, May 8th. Be sure you’ve a complete bibliography of all sources. Double check to be sure all words are you own, unless properly cited and quoted.

Checklist of Requirements and Grading Criteria

[ ] Project contains 3 quality source with at least one primary sources.
[ ] All sources pass a SIFT evaluation and included a named expert, and credible citations
[ ] Final project engages a 2024 audience on why your item is worth considering and how it relates to modern life.
[ ] Project moves beyond summary of facts to draw evidenced-based conclusions from quality historical sources for the importance of your object.
[ ] Is written with standard professional English (no errors in spelling, capitalization, or punctuation).
[ ] Explicitly uses a digital humanities tool learned this semester.

A note on submission dates

Appetizer- Spreadsheet submission: Wednesday (Today), May 1 in class.

1st Plate: Final Project in Assignment file: Wednesday, May 10th at 10 pm.

Dessert: Final Reflection on the entire class: Wednesday, May 10th at 10 pm.


I strongly encourage use of the questions discussion board on D2L and reviewing the discussion boards for the appetizers, which contain many sources. While your projects will be unique to you, the challenges you face and overcome will be useful to all to observe. As usual, I’ll answer all inquiries in whatever form they come (email, phone, DM, general chat, carrier pigeon, SMS, etc.)