Numerical Data in MN History: Part 2

Register for IPUMS.

  1. Go to and click on IPUMS-USA.
  2. Click on “Login.”
  3. Click on “Request an Account.”
  4. Sign up.

Data in History Lesson Plan – Part I I

  1. Go to

  2. Click on IPUMS USA.

  3. Click on Analyze Data Online under the “Data” headline.

  4. Click on “United States, 1850-2022” under “Use data from multiple

  5. Write “statefip(27)” in the “Selection Filter(s):” field.

  6. Write “year” in the “Column:” field.

  7. Under “Person- Race-Ethnicity, and Nativity” click on “Race” and
    then Copy to “Row.”

  8. Under CHART OPTIONS switch to “Line Chart.”

  9. Click “Run the Table.”

  10. In what decade does the black population of MN surpass 50,000

  11. In what decade does the White population of MN dip below 90%?

  12. Under Person- Family Interrelationship, click on “famsize” and then
    click Copy to Row.

  13. Run the Table

  14. In what decade does the number of 2 family households exceed 10

  15. In what decade does the number of individuals living alone exceed 10
    percent of the population?

  16. Under Person- Education, click on Lit-Literacy, and the Copy to Row.
    Run the Table.

  17. In what decade does literacy in MN exceed 70%?

  18. Type bpl into the Row field. Run Table.

  19. Chose two additional tables to run. What are your variables and what
    conclusions do you derive from your tables?