On incivility in the face of failure (@neatline, @omeka)

I’m trying to use Omeka and Neatline to help my students think about history as something we make, not that we receive. Omeka and the plugin Neatline make hosting online exhibits fairly easy, and hugely easier than coding your own CMS with a GPS interface.

Still, there are things that aren’t obvious, especially to a neophyte. There’s a bunch of technical rubbish that amounts to one-part niggling user interface quibble and one part shame of the “my students need to learn 21st century skills and I’m failing them” variety that erupted in some Beetle Bailey cursing on twitter today. That was low on my part.

Neatline and Omeka twitter handlers kindly declined to #@$% back, which makes them the better people and better educators.

And I learned a lesson in what some of my students must feel when having reviewed all the documentation I’ve given them, they still can’t get something to work.

Humbling, but I’m going to fail this lesson fast and get back to teaching.

Safe home.

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