New format and the absence of values in e-Learning.

To the five people who read this blog: I’m playing with themes. I’ll find one that works soon and stick with it.

In the mean time, consider the distant reading I did of the entire program of the recent e-Learning conference put on by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. I the plugged the text of the entire program in Voyant, and searched for words that address poverty. You can see what I found.

To be fair, there were a couple of presentation about open education resources, but those focused on books, not students.  Next time you attend a conference, scrape the entire program into Voyant and see what it tells you.

Graphic of voyant.
What words were missing from the program of the conference? See the graph on the right of the image for the words I queried.

One thought on “New format and the absence of values in e-Learning.”

  1. Yay! Your are all connected!

    I wish I could have stayed longer on Thursday. It was such a great session. We are so lucky that you are a CTL leader! Oh, and I bought the book.

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