I did it. . . again.

I’ve enjoyed using an Oxford University Press textbook for my World History 1 class these past two years, but I’ve still so much content that’s digital that doesn’t fit. Adding digital history lessons to 30-40 page chapters is too much, and I’ve been exploring the world of Open Education Resources as I teach my World History 2 course. I already abandoned textbooks in my world history 2 course, but now I’ve done it for world history 1 too.

This will truly be teaching without a net because World 1 goes back to prehistory and includes some of students favorite subjects: the Roman empire, the Mongols, the Mayans. Good thing I’m off to the Eugene, OR this summer for a NEH Summer Institute: I’m going to need all the help I can get crafting a new course. At least I’ve learned from the pitfalls of my World 2 course. I can’t help but wonder what my college’s bookstore makes of the $0 next to my courses.

Teaching without a net, again.

Safe home.